News: Tiwa Savage’s Bold Outfit Choices Used to Lead to Her Being Barred from Performing


Tiwa Savage recently discussed her transition from music to film in an interview with BET Talks, where she opened up about the challenges she faced early in her music career due to her choice of outfits. Now starring in and executive producing her debut feature film ‘Water & Garri,’ Savage reflected on her experiences with discrimination in the Nigerian music industry. Speaking with host Unique Chapman, she revealed that her sensual clothing and style often led to ridicule, with her songs being banned from terrestrial radio and her performances being restricted because of her risqué image.

Savage shared that these challenges were not unique to her alone; she noted that many female artists have reported similar experiences of discrimination. “They get overlooked and they can’t do soundchecks,” Savage said, highlighting some of the barriers women face in the industry. She recounted instances when she would arrive for a show only to be told she couldn’t perform due to her outfit.

Despite these setbacks, Savage explained that her response was to embrace her style even more boldly. She described herself as “very stubborn” and decided to make her outfits even shorter and more revealing, using her defiance to fuel her ascent in the music world. This determination to stay true to her image and artistic expression played a significant role in her eventual success and establishment as a music sensation.


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